About Us


Our design studio sits in the treetops in Daisy Hill, adjacent to Daisy Hill State Forest (now “Daisy Hill Conservation Park”). Located halfway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast we are well sited to assist our clients from the Tweed Coast, Brisbane, Toowoomba, the Sunshine Coast and beyond.

Donald Irving | RLA AILA BSc International ASLA

Registered Landscape Architect / Director, Donald Irving Pty Ltd

I love a challenge!


Whether it’s hiking the Grand Canyon, driving the Dalton, or simply resolving project intricacies – my instinct is always .. YES!!

I’ve worked continuously in the field of landscape architecture since I was a fresh-faced kid out of uni. I’ve seen lots of changes as this profession takes on more and more challenges, yet the biggest challenge remains in applying ever-evolving lessons of the past to the ever-evolving problems of the present. Is it any wonder that I still approach each new project with that familiar enthusiasm I had for my very first project, all those years ago?

I’m privileged to share the expertise I’ve acquired over a long period of time through a diverse range of projects – from large scale commercial to single family residential; from institutional to parkland landscape; from manicured garden to restoration of degraded natural ecosystems.

My goal is always to help shape each client’s unique vision to a landscape that will work most effectively for them, and to an outcome we will all be proud of.

When I’m not glued to the drawing board or to my computer (yes, I use both!), my interests lie in competitive squash, motorsport, trail running, and of course, travel.

Helen Irving

Specialist, Donald Irving Pty Ltd

I support our practice through specialist planning, research, and ensuring our clients’ needs are well-served. My pet interest is in the planning of play environments.


Following an early career as a professional squash player and then as a mother, I acquired recognized qualifications in childcare, and have worked in the industry for more than 10 years before applying those lessons to planning and design. This practical experience ensures that imagination is tempered with reality when it comes to implementing new, child-engaging facilities.


Beyond our studio, my interests include squash (still – and I still beat Don!), travel, reading and all forms of sport.


Overseer and Mascot

Oskar came to us when he realized that living in a cozy design studio would be better than eking a living out of the less-than-palatable Daisy Hill forest. He maintains vigil ensuring the studio fulfils its obligations (to him!).