The Add-ons

We encourage you to “fine-tune” our services to suit your purposes. There are many ways we can do this – here are my “TOP 4”:

Add-On #1: Landscape Cost Planning

Nothing is more deflating when your pride and joy is being plagued by cost over-runs!


You’ll find one of our detailed Cost Plans will be an invaluable tool to help keep your project on track.

Add-On #2: Maintenance Planning

Well considered maintenance scheduling provides a detailed guide to establishment and sustainability in accord with the original project vision.


While our construction documentation will include broad specifications for ongoing maintenance, we can prepare detailed Maintenance Manuals where required for more specialized projects, and especially those which incorporate areas of habitat and watercourse restoration. Our detailed Maintenance Manuals provide specific guidance on the original design objectives, on the maintenance tasks (what, how, when) required to achieve those objectives, and how a periodic review process can shape ongoing long-term sustainability.

Add-On #3: Council Approvals

You don’t need to feel alone when you’re running the gauntlet of Council approval processes!


This might include anything from responding to official Information Requests to completing the application, or the certification of completed works. We are happy to share the burden and provide additional support where needed for your added peace of mind.


Just because a Council replies with a “no” , doesn’t mean the end of the project. We have turned many a “no” into “yes” through ongoing consultation and negotiation with Council officers.

Add-On #4: Vegetation Assessment

We work hand-in-hand with our specialist Ecological Consulting partners where Council or State Government requirements call for the retention of sensitive remnant vegetation and habitat restoration. In that way we can integrate the most relevant requirements of retention and restoration seamlessly into the project.