About This Project

When a local rural community learned that a major electrical substation was planned for an open paddock just minutes from their small “living heritage” township of Pomona, in the Noosa hinterland, they were understandably horrified!


Our practice had been commissioned to prepare landscape construction documentation for a number of Energex substations throughout SE Queensland, and this arguably, was surely the most challenging. Our brief was simple … HIDE IT!


Not so easily satisfied were the concerned residents during an on-site meeting, in which I explained that we would be able to plant a landscape buffer that would obscure the substation – the compound at least – within 3 years. (Sadly though, landscape, no matter how well-conceived, is not necessarily the panacea of all ills, and there are limits – like multiple overhead power structures!) At least the promised landscape buffer was achieved within the suggested time-frame, which has allayed some of the earlier skepticism of residents.