Homestead Creek Naturalization | Logan City

About This Project

The ubiquitous concrete drainage channel, as a means of rapid stormwater conveyance, has plagued city parklands for decades.


Logan City took the plunge some years ago and embarked on a pilot project to “naturalize” a portion of such a drain at the discharge outlet from a major stormwater culvert. We jumped at the opportunity to show what we knew could be achieved with a bit of determined forethought, and following a consultation process with local residents, the project got the go-ahead and was an instant success.


On the very day of its practical completion, it was tested with a fierce afternoon thunderstorm, which fortuitously yielded up some useful modifications which were subsequently implemented. (The local teens with their boogie boards loved it too, as they entered the culvert upstream, and discharged at velocity into the newly completed pond downstream!)


Emboldened with this success, Council commissioned our office to document a further extension of the naturalization model for a further 250 metres downstream.